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Driver Licenses SDK module & Passports SDK module

The Driver License & Passports SDK enables to extract the data which is printed on drivers licenses and passports, and also enables to read the information from ID magnetic stripes and barcodes.

Our Driver Licenses & Passports SDK provides programmatic access to the scanner activity and capabilities. Using the Driver Licenses & Passports SDK, you can control the ScanShell/SnapShell scanner, detect card insertion into the scanner, acquire card images, process them one at a time or in batches, and retrieve the results sorted into fields such as name, ID number, social security number, address, DOB, issue date, city, state and zip code.

The Driver Licenses SDK & Passports SDK includes Programming Code Examples: VB, CSharp, Delphi 6, DotNet, MS VC ++, VB Script, FoxPro, Borland CPP.

On a technical level, ScanW.Dll library is a wrapper COM object that eases the integration between VC++ source libraries and VB code.

The library includes four sub libraries:
  • SlibEx – Controls the scanner activity and contains the last scanned image in an internal memory. This library controls the scanning settings such as scan size, color scheme and resolution. The scanned image is loaded into an internal memory and can be saved to an external file in a bitmap format.
  • OCR - (In OCR version only) Extracts the textual data from the internal image.
  • ID Data -(In the ID version only) Parses and refines the textual data extracted by the OCR or from reading a PDF417 bar code. The data is kept in internal variables ready to be exported to the application.
  • Cimage – Allows for internal image manipulation such as rotation, color scheme modification, dpi modification and image exportation to a file in various formats. This library can also be used for the manipulation of external image files.
Each sub library can function as an individual library regardless of the other libraries.

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Driver Licenses SDK lib
The ScanW.Dll library consists of, top to bottom, the SlibX scanner library, Cimage imagine manipulation library, OCR general purpose Optical Character Recognition engine and IdData, the driver license and ID data parser that converts the OCR data to actual data fields

The scanned image is loaded to an internal memory and can be saved to an external file in bitmap format.
It can be integrated with CRM, Databases, Access control applications, your management application or any other application that needs to get image or data of ID cards.

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