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More Driver License Scanner Related Information

  • The only driver license scanner that can truly extract text and read all 50 US states
  • Extracts both data and images
  • Automatic state detection
  • Automatic card detection and scanning
  • Extracts data and images directly from Passports checks, and business cards
  • idScan SDK can read magnetic strips, OCR & 2D Barcodes (PDF417)
  • Use the three technologies for verification of ID cards authenticity
  • Captures a full image of the license, or face & signature image only
  • Use a signature image in conjunction with a signature pad for verification
  • The ScanShell driver license scanner is a small, lightweight scanner that connects to the computer USB port and does not require a power supply
  • Scans cards directly into sales automation applications or contact management applications
  • Scans driver licenses directly into Kiosk Leads capture programs, and other similar data gathering or surveying applications

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